Friday, April 10, 2009

What is 7P ?

4P is not enough, because nowadays service or non-service products need to be treated in more complex ways and involve more men, more processes, and more creative ideas to be implemented nearby that product so that customers aware of it, would love to buy it, buy it often, and finally become loyal customers. Booms and Bitner added 3 additional mix to the Marketing Mix, that are: People, Process, and Physical Evidence. That 4P + 3 is called as 7P.
People: All men or women that are directly or indirectly involved in the consumption of a product and those people add significant value to the service or non-service product offering. The questions that needs to be addressed by marketers and other functions in the company are questions about who are the people that shall stand nearby the product to explain about the product's functionality? what kind of expertise that needs to be mastered by those people that stand nearby the product so that those people can influence customers to come by and finally become one of their loyal customers? is it needed to train those front people any additional knowledge or expertise? and etc.
Process: Mechanism by which the service or non-service products are consumed. The questions that are related with it are: how do customers find out the product? how they consume the product, are they consuming the product all at once or in few times (not all at once)? how frequent the product is consumed? and etc.
Physical Evidence: Nearby environment including all things in it that helps marketer or front salesman/salesgirl to communicate the product's features, to perform the service, and etc. Physical evidence is environment where the product meets potential and existing customers and that environment shall be able to relay the existing customer's satisfaction to potential customers so that they are willing to buy and consume the product. Layout and design of the environment add significant value to the perception of the customers. If the design of the nearby environment is luxurious then customers can start to perceive that products shown or sold there are expensive and exclusive products. If the cleanliness of an environment is preserved then customers can perceive that products that sold there are more clean and safe than products that sold in the vile traditional market.

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