Friday, April 10, 2009

A Business Opportunity: Campina Scoop Counter

Heyhoo, if you are interested in doing business with small fund then this is a suitable business opportunity for you. Campina, as we all know is a famous and well known ice cream producer that was built by the Pranoto family in 1970. At the first time, they made ice cream in their home garage in Surabaya. Then they made ice cream using ice cream maker tool made in Italy during 1970 to 1980s. At 1985 they moved to a factory in Rungkut industrial estate in Surabaya. In the mid of 1990s Campina changed into a modern corporation.

Ice creams and other products of PT Campina Ice Cream Industry are made through several processes using high quality standard materials. PT Campina supports research and development for developing new delicious products to meet customers' needs and wants. There are several kind of Campina's products: stick ice cream, cake ice cream, cup ice cream (i love one of Campina's cup ice cream, that is Concerto Chocolate Sundae), family pack, premium ice cream, and etc.

Campina also revolutionizes the way it sells it's products. Previously it sells products to minimarkets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and malls. In 2006 Campina started to offer opportunity for investors to invest in Campina Scoop Counter (CSC) program. Investment for that program is approximately 10 million Rupiahs. Investors who join CSC program rent a Freezer Exquisite 320 (125 cm x 70 cm x 200 cm) 215 watt (155 watt + 60 watt of 2 neon lamps), get 7 packs of 5 liters basic flavor ice cream (strawberry, chocolate, durian, chocolate chip, blueberry chip, and etc), and etc. Investors can sell that basic flavor ice creams in cones or mix basic flavor ice creams with other delicious things such as banana, black sticky rice, corn, green coconut, and others. For further information please google it or browse campina website.

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  1. That could be of great help, especially nowadays that everything's going up. This could help us go thru this crisis and leave a better life.