Friday, April 10, 2009

Axe Effect in Indonesia

Axe, that was first launched in 1983 in France now is the leader of male deodorant segments in Indonesia. Currently Axe launched marketing campaign titled "Axe Effect" in Indonesia. That campaign in TV Ads exposes sex appeal of Axe deodorant's users to females. These are Axe Effect's TV Ads in Indonesia:

"Axe Effect" campaign also involves online campaign that informs Axe events, How to succeed in getting dream girl by using Axe as one key success factor, and etc. Axe Effect campaign explores one of human needs, that is relationship. There are five human needs according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, one of those needs is Belongingness and Love Needs that include relationships, affection, family, and work groups.

Other deodorants in Indonesia have tried to explore another need that is Esteem Needs especially self esteem need. In the improvement model of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs the category that other deodorants in Indonesia have explored is more appropriate to category Aesthetic Needs especially beauty need. One example of deodorant that have explored the esteem need is female deodorant Rexona, which created buzz word "Burket" or "Bubur Ketek" to mention the disgusting mush at female armpits that appears all the time if they are using talcum powder instead of deodorant.

In those hierarchies of needs, the bottom stages are closer to the basic needs, especially the one at the bottom are human basic needs or called as Biological and Physiological Needs that include air, sex, food, water, shelter, sleep, etc. Another deodorant or perfume product explored the same need as what Axe Effect campaign is doing. That female product (i forget the brand name) explored relationship need by creating buzz words that spoken by a girl to mention the effect of that deodorant to men nearby her, "Lengket Kaya Perangko" which means "Always Stick to Me Like Stamps to a Letter". Deodorants and perfumes in Indonesia have explored needs like Belongingness and Love Needs, Esteem Needs, and Aesthetic Needs in their campaigns. I wonder is there any perfume or deodorant product that will explore the basic need such as Sex in their marketing campaign. I am thinking if there will be a deodorant or perfume that works on that niche market like Viagra does. I think Axe Effect campaign haven't entered that needs, because the expression of girls in its campaign are just expressions of liking the fragrant of Axe and that the stimulus for them to give their phone numbers. LOL, i do like those ads.

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