Friday, April 10, 2009

iPhone vs Blackberry in Indonesia (3)

I really want to analyze these products furthermore by using SWOT, Porter 5 Forces, and etc. but it seems the analysis will look too formal. So in this final case study article of iPhone vs BlackBerry Bold in Indonesia i want to give conclusions and suggestions. My conclusions are:
1. Those products are competing in different segments, iPhone's target customers are high to premium class segments who want to have stylish mobile phone that reflects his/her personalities, love to socialize, and need mobile phone that offers high internet speed and a lot bandwith, while Bold's target customers are medium to high class customers that want to have compact mobile phone that offers internet availability in cheap costs, safe and easy to use so that they can connect with corporate data & info and their colleagues in work.
2. Basically those products are not the most advanced PDA or mobile phone, because there are more mobile phones or PDAs that have better specification than those two products, e.g HTC, Nokia E Series, etc.
I have some suggestions for Telkomsel:
1. Telkomsel shall focus iPhone's marketing programs and IMC on high to premium class social networks such as social gathering of wives of government officials and company directors ("arisan ibu golongan atas"), golf clubs, artists and actors' organization (PARFI, PARSI, etc.) gathering, and etc.
2. Telkomsel shall educate that high to premium class segment by introducing iPhone as easy to use, stylish, high tech, and prestigious mobile phone. Customers in that segment in Indonesia often don't know well how to use high technology gadgets; they have high tech gadgets but doesnt have experiences in trying some of their gadgets' high tech features.
3. Telkomsel shall try to offer iPhone to corporates especially to directors and managers. Those leaders shall not worry because iPhone like other Apple's products are not so susceptible to security threats such as viruses, worms, and etc.
I also have some suggestions for Indosat and other BlackBerry's service provider:
1. They shall continue to offer the gadget to corporate and try to offer BlackBerry to governments, and college students.
2. They shall offer usable applications and services for BlackBerry's users.
3. They shall conduct cooperations with other private corporations to offer discounts for BlackBerry's users, such as 10% discounts in restaurant A, 15% discounts of B airways tickets, and etc.

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  1. hey i've read ur article, may i rewrite ur writing in this blog for my references?
    right now im doing an analysis about competition between blackberry and apple (i analyze about the whole company not comparing product by product)
    i wonder if u can help me to show me some references of your analysis from swot, 5 porter and 4P of those 2 companies?
    i would be so grateful
    looking forward to hear from you.. ;)