Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tourism Business Opportunities in Indonesia after What Happened in Thailand (3)

Do you know Papua? the biggest Island in East Indonesia that its shape like a lizard opens its mouth. Papua is a virgin heaven in earth!. Papua has a lot of potential tourism destinations, and for investors this island is so prospective. I would like to describe a potential tourism destination in Papua, that is an area called Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat or "Four Kings" is located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity, so the seas around Raja Ampat hold the richest variety of species in the world. Survey of Raja Ampat islands that was held by the Nature Conservancy in 2002 shows that there are 537 coral species (75% of all known coral species in the world) and 1074 fish species live on the seas around Raja Ampat islands. It is a heaven that God created for you, divers!! :).

Raja Ampat islands currently is tourism destination for divers around the world. But these islands also suitable for any other tourism activities such as hiking, camping, skydiving, or etc. For investors this spot on earth is very prospective for business, especially to replace or compete with diving destination nearby Pattaya in Thailand after unstable politic condition hit Thailand. You can invest your funds in:
a. travel business: offer transportation services so that tourists can easily come in and out of Papua by airplanes and come in and out of Raja Ampat islands by comfortable schooners that well equipped for diving
b. accomodations business: build eco-friendly hotels and other inns in one of the Raja Ampat islands or in an area on the Papua mainland that very close to that beautiful islands
c. event-organizer or wedding-organizer business: offers services to manage underwater wedding ceremony for those who would love to feel once in a lifetime unique and unforgettable wedding, runs eco-friendly beach parties, runs fashion shows, and etc
d. infrastructures: cooperate with local government to build infrastructures in mainland nearby Raja Ampat islands that can support the growth of tourism in Raja Ampat islands, such as: airports, harbors, bridges, warehouses, electric generators, and etc because one of the big problems in the east of Indonesia is lack of infrastructures
e. human resources training: offers language and communication training programs for local people and government officials so that they can interact with foreign investors more fluently.


  1. wah mas klo bisnis gtu gmn carnya ???

    ajarin dunk cara mengatasi financial duit rumah..

    thankz b4

  2. untuk berbisnis wisata di daerah dimana kita sebagai pendatang lebih baik bekerjasama dengan pihak lokal pak, bapak sediakan dana mereka yg beroperasi atau dua-duanya berbagi bersama. urusan relasi dsb bisa dicari pak, pasang tampang tak tahu malu aja, namanya juga cari rejeki, kalau malu-malu ya kagak ada yang mau hahaha...

    maksudnya cara mengatasi finansial duit rumah tuh bagaimana pak? apakah maksudnya sama dg cara kredit beli rumah atau mengatur finansial rumah tangga?

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