Friday, April 10, 2009

Evolution of Volvo, its Brand Logos and its Products

Volvo, one of the popular commercial vehicles company in the world, one of its products exist in the exclusive and luxurious automobile market. Volvo founded on 14 April 1927. Volvo itself as a word is a Latin word, means "I roll" or "I drive" in the modern era. Volvo has evolved from safety luxurious cars to luxurious cars that more stylish and elegant. When it was founded, Volvo like what its brand mean concentrated in the manufacturing of everything that rolls: ball bearings, roller bearings, machines, transmissions, automobiles, bicycles, rolling-stock, transportation devices, means of transport of all kinds and parts of and accessories for the aforementioned products. Things that realized are Volvo automobiles and other transportation devices. Volvo introduced its first car, the OV4, and its first brand logo that was an old ideogram for the Roman God of War, Mars, and also an ancient symbol for iron to create associations between the Swedish iron industry: steel and strength and properties such as safety, quality and durability.

At the 1940s till 1970s Volvo tried to exist in the North American market. First Volvo tried to resemble famous American cars such as Volvo Carioca that resembled Chrysler Airflow in the mid of 1930s, then PV444 that launched in the mid of 1940s that resembled Fords and Mercurys. Volvo then tried to launch its sports car because Volvo understood the importance and tastes of the North American market . Volvo's second sports car, the P1800, made awareness of Volvo in the North American market increase higher. Volvo also invented the three point seatbelt. Volvo also involved in the rally championship in 60s and 70s and won the championship with its car, Volvo 850T.

In 2005, Volvo rejuvenated its brand logo, by adding some stylish and elegant aspect, but still maintaining its core aspects: old chemical symbols for iron and arrow that comes out of it. I think Volvo tried to harmonize itself with the trends, because in the 21st century customers prefer to choose anything stylish, trendy, elegant, and etc. In the 21st century Volvo also launched stylish and elegant products, such as XC60.
Nowadays world concerns with the environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, and etc. Volvo seems to follow up this trend by sponsoring many Burton snowboard championships. Volvo tried to rejuvenate its brand image as not only safe (because Burton snowboard is well known for its safety standard) but also environmental friendly, because Burton championships don't pollute environment like rally championships. Volvo also launches environmental-friendly products, one of its products is this Volvo truck.

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