Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tourism Business Opportunities in Indonesia after What Happened in Thailand (2)

Indonesia is a beautiful country gifted with beautiful natural landscapes and various cultures. You can find a lot of interesting places and customs in Indonesia. Many foreigner tourists perhaps only know Bali. Bali is an island among 13,000 islands in Indonesia that is gifted with beautiful beaches such as Kuta and Sanur, interesting customs such as Ngaben, wonderful night life, and friendly local people.
There are business opportunities in Bali. You can develop resorts, hotels, motels, and etc. in Bali even though there are a lot hotels and such inns, but you must have creative and unique concepts to be implemented in your inns. You can also invest in Event Organizer businesses!, runs party events combined with traditional customs, party in the underground (really beneath the land), or any other unique events that you have in your imagination. In my opinion Bali is already a stable market for any leisure-related business because all infrastructures are available, its local people can speak English well, and the most important thing is Indonesia already a democratic country, Indonesian protestors never blockade public facilities such as airports, terminals, train stations, politics and security in Indonesia are in a very good condition, and terrorism is enemy of the state and Indonesia is as far as i know one country that fights terrorism very well by capturing terrorists dead or alive, not by bombing terrorists' origin country. So just be imaginative and creative in offering your products or services if you are interested in doing business in Bali.


  1. yoi bro..semua ada di bali mulai wisata plus sampai yang biasa aja hahaha