Friday, April 10, 2009

iPhone vs Blackberry in Indonesia (1)

Blackberry has been a booming trend in Indonesia lately. That device is becoming more popular and more people buy it. Blackberry was introduced several years ago but the booming trend of it was started few months ago (or was it a year or two years ago? i forget the details). In the contrary iPhone was introduced by one of the biggest providers in Indonesia (Telkomsel) in 23rd March 2009. Those two devices are predicted to have tough competition amongst them. Let's analyze product specification, pricing strategy, and bundled services of those two products in Indonesia. In this first part let's analyze specification of each those products (Apple's iPhone and RIM's Blackberry Bold 9000).
Size and weights: iPhone is narrower (2.4" vs 2.6"), longer(4.5" vs 4.48"), thinner (0.48" vs 0.59"), and slimmer than Bold (4.7 oz vs 4.8 oz).
Navigation: iPhone applies touch screen while Bold applies trackball and QWERTY keyboard
Display: iPhone's screen (3.5" screen) is larger than Bold's screen.
Features: iPhone 3G offers 3G support, GPS, camera 2.0 MP, push email (mobileMe & Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync), desktop class web browser, built-in accelerometer so that iPhone can respond in it's user motion, and widescreen iPod. Bold offers those features too plus video recording and corporate data access (i dont know for sure what this feature is, if this feature is about sending data through push email then i think this feature is offered by iPhone too).
Battery: iPhone's standby time is 300 hours (approx. 12.5 days), while Bold's standby time is 13 days.
Capacity: iPhone offers 8GB or 16GB flash drive while Bold offers 1GB with expandable memory supports for microSD card.
Security: Bold offers more security features than iPhone.
Network: iPhone applies these networks: UMTS/HSDPA, GSM/EDGE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, while Bold only applies networks: Wi-Fi, GSM, and UMTS.
From those product specification comparison, it seems that Blackberry position itself as secure mobile phone for corporate customers, while iPhone 3G position itself as stylish 3 in 1 product that redefines what mobile phone can do-again.
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