Friday, April 10, 2009

iPhone vs Blackberry in Indonesia (2)

In this second part let's analyze pricing and bundled service strategy of those two products (iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Bold) in Indonesia. Bold, like any other Blackberry offered by Indosat in two kind of packages: Matrix BlackBerry Retail/Individual (BIS) and Matrix BlackBerry Corporate (BES). BIS package is offered to customers in the range of 190 thousand, 230 thousand, and 270 thousand Rupiahs (approx. 19 USD, 23 USD, and 27 USD) per month. If individual customers choose package 190 thousand Rupiahs then customers can get GPRS minimum package of 50 MB per month, 75 minutes call, and 75 free SMS. If customers choose package 230 thousand Rupiahs then customers can get broadband package 500 MB per month and any services that offered in package 190 thousand Rupiahs, while the package 270 thousand Rupiahs offered unlimited broadband package. Those individual/retail Indosat Matrix BlackBerry packages offer 5% sale discount for each BlackBerry devices. Those packages can be compared with iPhone package that offered by Telkomsel. Telkomsel offers iPhone device for as cheap as 2.622 million Rupiahs (approx. 262.2 USD), while the cheapest BlackBerry in Indonesia is 555.5 USD.That iPhone package is Turbo Premium Package which customers must pay 730 thousand Rupiahs (approx 73 USD) per month and customers then can get 6 hours free talk, 300 free SMS, 1GB free data package per month, and HALO SIM card. If customers choose package for SIMPATI SIM card then customers shall pay 9.605 millions Rupiahs just to get iPhone device. Packages of Matrix BlackBerry for corporate (BES) are offered in the range of 260 thousand Rupiahs (features are the same with 190 thousand Rupiahs BIS package), 300 thousand Rupiahs (features are the same with 230 thousand Rupiahs BIS package), and 310 thousand Rupiahs (features are the same with 270 thousand Rupiahs BIS package). If customers want to have better GPRS data package then customers can choose to get 100 MB (+25 thousand Rupiahs/months), 250 MB (+50 thousand Rupiahs/month), or 550 MB GPRS package (+150 thousand Rupiahs/month).

From the details of Indosat BlackBerry and Telkomsel iPhone pricing strategy above, i can conclude that Telkomsel iPhone's target customers are high to premium segments with high income and need: higher internet speed (3G vs BlackBerry's GPRS), a lot more bandwith (Telkomsel offers 500 MB to 1 GB per month, while Indosat offers minimum 50 MB and maximum 500 MB per month), and social facilitation such as free talk and free SMS.
Yellow table shows Telkomsel packages that are offered for iPhone's customers while blue tables show Indosat packages for BlackBerry's customers:

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