Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to Market Home Made Products ?

In Indonesia there are many starting entrepreneurs that start their own business in their home. I received a lot of questions from my friends that started their business in home about how to market their home products. There are many kind of products in this kind of business, such as foods, handicrafts, beverages, furnitures, and even software!. Hmm, so let's talk from general to specific concepts 'bout how to market home made products.

First, producers shall know 'bout their target customers, what product do they like? (product preferences such as color, package, features, and other product's attributes) , when they prefer to consume/purchase that product?, where they often to buy that kind of product, and etc (5W 1H;)). After that producers can design and develop products that suitable with what market wants, and then try to sell it through ways that match with customers' purchase activities.

The most common home made products in Indonesia are dry or half-baked foods, such as cake, snack, and etc. So i want to highlight home made dry foods :). How to market those foods? piece of cake, the most profitable way is offering it to enterprises/corporations, just come to each corporation and get to know who is in charge of canteen/cafetaria in that corporation and offer your products to him/her, of course ask him/her politely 'bout the procedures and try to negotiate some terms that you feel so difficult to be achieved ;). Don't forget offer your products to big supply chain stores such as Carrefour, Giant, Hypermart, Indomaret, Alfamart, and etc too :).

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