Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Forbidden Things in Causal Marketing

As posted before, Causal marketing is a magnificent way of marketing. It combines getting profit and building relationship with markets in one package. In implementing this kind of marketing in my thought there are forbidden things that shall never did by every marketers. Those things are:
1. DO NOT try to manipulate your customers
Please please please do not try to manipulate customers by supporting causes inconsistently just because each kind of customers give attention to different causes. In supporting a cause please never let your customers down. Choose a cause carefully and support it consistently so that your brand in the future will be correlated with the success in supporting it.
2. DO NOT counteract a negative perception of reality
In reality there are some products that are perceived negative by customers, such as tobacco. Don't try to counteract a negative perception of tobacco with some causal marketing programs because that would be useless and that would increase protests and rejections from customers that perceive tobacco as negative and toxic products.
3. DO NOT hide the truth
Just inform whatever the truth is :), tell the customers whatever the programs have done to support the cause and the results.
4. DO NOT forget to follow through
Support the cause consistently and build relationship with stakeholders :)

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