Saturday, May 9, 2009

Business is Negotiation !

Business is negotiation, but negotiations is not something that related only to business. Negotiation is a thing that humans always do all the time :), for example negotiation for deciding time to meet, place to go, where to talk, and etc. Negotiation is a compromise to settle an argument or issue between minimum two parties to benefit ourselves.

Why do you negotiate?. If your reason is for beating your opposition party then you must prepare with many persuasive tactics, because you may not end up with maximum benefits. If your reason is for reaching agreement with your opposition party then you must be much more friendly to your opposition and finding ways to reach agreement that brings an outcome which you will both benefit highly.

Divergent interests between parties are exist. But, that doesn't mean that you must negotiate with many people or many parties. Often you just have to use authority instead of negotiation. Many business matters are solved in a form of business contracts. If you have good contracts then just implement it, you don't have to negotiate anymore :).

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